CancerCon 2024 Scholarship Fund

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This year we're excited to offer the opportunity to get as many AYAs to CancerCon Live 2024 as possible by fundraising towards our 2024 scholarship fund. Every penny raised will go towards awarding scholarships to AYAs in need of financial support to attend CancerCon Live.

But here's the fun part: Once you reach $2,500 (the cost of a CancerCon Live 2024 full scholarship) the scholarship will be yours to name, yours to give away or yours to keep. That's right! If you raise $2,500 you can name yourself as the scholarship recipient. 

How it works:
Step 1: Start your fundraiser!
Step 2: Promote your fundraiser!
Step 3: Win some awesome prizes on the way! 


*Note: Images may not accurately represent the appearance of prizes.

The CancerCon Live Scholarship Fundraiser is a great way to:
1) Fund your way to CancerCon Live 2024
2) Engage your employees by making a real difference
3) Honor an AYA by establishing a scholarship in their name
4) Get together with a group of friends to make a difference

Need help with your fundraising? Check out our Fundraising Toolkit here.



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