DIY Fundraisers

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Want to have a trivia night fundraiser with your friends?

Or maybe have a (virtual) concert to show you support for Stupid Cancer? Or planning on running a 5K and want to raise money for Stupid cancer along the way? The sky's the limit on the ways you can fundraise for Stupid Cancer.

Reminder: You don't have to throw a black-tie gala or run a marathon, maybe you want to Brown Bag your lunch for a week and donate the proceeds (and have others join you) or you want to set a challenge at the gym, where people sponsor you for every day you check-in, this is about you and what makes you excited!

Here's where it all starts. Whatever kind of fundraiser you want to do, this is the place to set-up your page, maybe invite a few friends to join and get started raising critical funds for Stupid Cancer. If you have any questions please reach out to us at:   
Having trouble determining what kind of event you want to have? No problem!
Here are some ideas to get your brainstorming going:

1. Brown Bag Lunch Challenge: Commit to brining in your lunch for two weeks and donate the savings. Encourage others to do the same - or match you.
2. Get Stupid Cancer Fit: Commit to walking/running/biking/crawling XX amount per day or per week and ask friends and family to donate to support you.
3. Be a Host!: Host a BBQ or drinks at your house and ask everyone to donate to join (This must be done in accordance with local COVID-19 regulations). 
4. Sell Your Wares: Did you pick-up knitting or painting during the pandemic? Ask your network to donate to you in exchange for your gorgeous - I want to say pottery?
5. Bake Sale: Are you a baker? C'mon... I know you are? Sell your cookies or cake or brownies or bread via a donation and make your friends happy!​
The sky's the limit on the ways you can fundraise for Stupid Cancer.

Want a little jumpstart to your fundraising? Our DIY Fundraising Toolkit is coming soon!


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