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Matthew Zachary's 26th Cancerversary Fundraiser

Matthew Zachary

Matthew Zachary's 26th Cancerversary Fundraiser

Twenty-six years ago, doctors gave me six months to live after a diagnosis of pediatric brain cancer. (Oops!) Somehow, I'm still here and well past my expiration date but, rest assured, I am more committed than ever to making adolescent and young adult cancer suck less.

To celebrate #MZ26, I am raising $2,600 (see what I did there) by the end of the year to match the $2,600 donation I am making to Stupid Cancer. My baby is also commemorating its 15th year in operation next year and needs your support.

Why? Well, if you have to ask, you may never know.

So join me not just because I asked but because you know it's philanthropy well purposed and a cause very well near and dear to my heart.

Any donation makes a difference.

You know what it is.

Thank you!


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