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Help us support Stupid Cancer!

Karly Hilliard

NYC Marathon 2021

Hi friends and family! This Fall we are excited to return and run the NY marathon for team Stupid Cancer again. Please help us support Stupid Cancer by making a contribution to our fundraiser. Every dollar we raise will advance Stupid Cancer's great cause!

Stupid Cancer offers a lifeline to the adolescent and young adult (AYA) community (ages 15-39) who are going through a cancer diagnosis by connecting them to age-appropriate resources and peers who get it. Stupid Cancer’s motto is “We make young adult cancer suck less.” They explain while this is a club you never asked to join, they provide the resources to help, get busy living!

Young adults can and do get cancer. Most people don't even consider that an 18-year-old could be diagnosed. Or a 25-year-old. Or a 37-year-old. Stupid Cancer is trying to change this stigma and spread the word that this community deserves better. The world needs to be aware that the AYA community exists...and that they matter!

Each year, 77,000 adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer. That's one every seven minutes.
● Cancer incidence in young adults has increased more than any other age group
● Survival rates have not improved at the same rate as other age groups
● Cancer is the number one disease killer in young adults
● Delayed cancer diagnosis is disproportionately higher in young adults

Please consider joining us and supporting the AYA community through a donation to Stupid Cancer. We as well as the entire AYA community appreciate your support, thank you so much! Hope to see you on Marathon Day!

Karly and Maddie Hilliard


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