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As a (lifetime) cancer survivor myself, I am personally a beneficiary of all the work Stupid Cancer does to create community, provide resources and fiercely advocate for the plethora of unique challenges faced by the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer community.

Stupid Cancer served as my first step out of the silence surrounding my survivorship status - in 2010 I connected with this amazing community and was introduced to the plethora of resources it has to offer. My ability to start sharing my story empowered connection, destroyed isolation and crumbled walls that had long defined my relationship with my health realities (and honestly shaped parts of who I was in ways I desperately desired to shed). I credit Stupid Cancer with fundamentally revolutionizing my life by enabling me to simply understand I was not alone.

Stupid Cancer is more than a place to connect to other people - we are proud to be a center of resources for our members as they navigate the extensive and overwhelming realities associated with their cancer experience (from dealing with matters such as employee rights, fertility management, clinical trials and financial burdens to facing complexities of relationships with themselves and others). Fundamentally we address real-life issues of 15-39 year olds faced with a cancer diagnosis, in survivorship or supporting someone's cancer journey. In short, we help make cancer suck less.

AYA cancer is its own beast - whether one is in treatment, immediately post treatment or a long term survivor of childhood cancer (like me), our community faces unique challenges in our cancer experience. Stupid Cancer ensures everyone is supported at each stage of the experience.

Any amount help to support our continuing efforts is beyond appreciated!


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