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Ragnar-ing for Good

Barry Klein

Barry Klein

A bunch of us old guys have committed to running a 125-mile Ragnar race over a ~24 hour period. To ensure this feat creates some good, we are using the race to raise money for an important cancer charity – Stupid Cancer. Stupid Cancer's sole purpose is to make cancer suck less. We have a corporate match dollar-for-dollar on any funds donated, so each dollar you donate counts twice as much!

More about Stupid Cancer:

Every year nearly 90,000 15 – 39 year-olds are faced with a cancer diagnosis. Stupid Cancer helps to empower everyone affected by adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer by ending isolation and building community. What makes Stupid Cancer unique is its mission to serve the overlooked population of AYAs, for whom cancer is the number one cause of death, and its focus on social and emotional support. Stupid Cancer’s programs address specific issues faced by people at this stage in their lives. Stupid Cancer provides resources on everything from dating to career navigation to financial instability, while providing outlets and community-building programs to help connect AYAs and end isolation. In short, Stupid Cancer sets out to make cancer suck less. You can find out more by visiting stupidcancer.org or following them on social media (linktr.ee/stupidcancer).


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